A Guide to Poker Tournaments

A poker tournament involves players competing against each other, from two people in a “heads up” tournament to tens of thousands of people playing on multiple tables at any given time, where the winner is determined by the person who wins every single poker chip in the game.

Playing poker is fun, but if you want to take it to the next level and play in tournaments, then there are a few requirements you must meet.

1. Familiarity
Being familiarized with the type of game being played in the tournament is essential, as you don’t want to enter a tournament playing Seven Card Stud if your strong point is Texas Hold’em.

2. Experience
Most tournaments range from novice to professional, and knowing your skill level and entering the correct group for your skill is essential.

3. Strategies
Most players in tournaments have developed their “poker face”, and it’s hard to tell how they play just by facial expressions, but having strategies prepared and knowing how to combat plays will come in helpful during tournaments.

4. Knowing the Rules and Following Them
Every poker tournament has their own set of rules, usually roughly the same for each tournament, with a few exceptions here and there, but it is required to know these rules before entering, as breaking them can result in you leaving the tournament early.

5. Qualifiers
A lot of poker tournaments, especially professional ones, have qualifier games to determine who plays in the actual tournament. So it may be required of you to play in a qualifying game to enter the tournament.

If you are thinking of entering a tournament, there are many great guides that you can find online that have explained poker tournaments fully, and it’s good idea to check them out.

Think carefully before entering and do your research on the tournament beforehand. You will learn more than you thought was needed, and gain some knowledge before you participate. Good luck!

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It’s All About The Bonus!

Savvy poker players and novice players alike love a good bonus when it comes to gambling online. Many websites offer a multitude of bonuses that make online casinos great for everyone and add some incentive to play over and over again.

A lot of people are actually quite reluctant to join online casino services because they fear to lose their hard earned money, but as a matter of fact, most casinos make it easier than ever to win or to play without losing any of your money.

You must be thinking, well what can they offer?

Many online casino services offer no-deposit bonuses, overpay bonuses and everything in between, making it easier for you to win, win, win! With overpay bonuses and no-deposit bonuses you will be given a small amount to play with on sign up, so you don’t have to use your own money, and with overpay bonuses you can actually be overpaid on jackpot bonuses, sometimes up to 500.00 more.

If you search hard enough you can even find casinos that offer free games with no deposit required, meaning you play for free and earn money for free. So it offers peace of mind and allows you to have fun at no extra cost.

If poker is your thing, there are many internet poker bonuses available which can include everything from free poker chips to a free bonus for every winning hand, earning from 5% to 100% more money on a single winning hand. Learn more about bonuses here.

With so many online casinos competing against each other to draw in more users, the bonuses that players receive get better daily, and favour the player more than the online casinos, as they try to make the experience of playing a pleasurable one all players.

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Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are simply where players will compete against each other for a cash prize. They can be as small as just two people, or as big as thousands of players with thousands of tables. These types of tournaments have been instrumental in increasing the popularity of poker around the world and poker popularity is still on the rise. There are a number of different types of tournaments available in poker and a few of these will be outlined below.

Poker tournaments are most commonly held with Texas Hold’em but in recent years the tournaments have branched out and now there are games such as HORSE, razz, stud, and Omaha all available to play at tournaments. Tournament stakes will also vary, so potential competitors should find a suitable tournament for their bankroll and skill level.

There are a few classic set-ups when it comes to poker tournaments. Usually a tournament is set around a blind, which then increases as the tournament progresses. The most common of which is called the Freezeout. This simply requires players to buy-in to the game and play until the chips have run out, or they win. Once all chips are gone players cannot buy back in, they are out.

Another option is the Rebuy. Similar to the Freezeout, the only difference is that during the lower levels, and for a short period of time, players have the option to buy back in once they have busted.

A guarantee is a tournament that contains a guaranteed prize pool and it doesn’t matter how many players turn up to the tournament. Turbo is also popular, and is a faster tournament. Usually they operate in three to ten minute games, which require a change in strategy for many players. There are also other poker options such as poker Freerolls, and more information about them can be found here.

There are plenty of poker tournaments around, so with a bit of searching the perfect game can be found for any avid player.

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To Hold’em or Not To Hold’em?

That indeed is the question. Whist Texas Hold’Em is probably one of the most popular and widespread variations of Poker, it is just one out of the broad spectrum of the many played the world over. If you can’t hold’em, don’t worry, just fold’em.

That said, if it is Hold’em that captured your heart, you can read more about it here. It’s good to keep in mind that there are different ways to do it, though, other than Texan style. Mixed Hold’Em, for example, includes both mixed and Texas Hold’Em, bringing a whole new level of zest and zeal to the table, in an utterly riveting combo of gambling delights.

Those who want to shake it up should look at games such as H.O.R.S.E., H.O.S.E, H.O.E, H.O., and Omaha Hi Lo. Players should, however, keep in mind that the more variants, the more attention and concentration are required. At the end of the day, it all boils down to focus.

Nothing, however, beats a good old classic, not to mention that for beginners they are easier to master. Some of these include Stud, Follow the Queen, Count Down, High Chicago and Low Chicago, Billabong, Guts, Five-O, Chinese and Real Estate, which are played the world over. Each is different from the next, but the general rules never alter. Essentially, each variation introduces new and unique features, but they all tend to follow a similar format.

So, if you’re not playing in a casino, why not make your own variation? The greatest part about poker is the diversity of the game the world over, and the malleability that allows enough leeway for dealers and players to personalize the game as much as they like. Why not give it a shot yourself, and think up a couple of your own?

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The famous one and twenty

Whilst the history of Blackjack is shrouded in much speculation and doubt, one thing that is certain is that variations of it have existed from as early as the 1400. The game that we know as Blackjack today, took the world by storm however, when it was popularized in, yes you guessed it, Vegas baby, when gambling was legalized in Nevada.

Online casinos followed the Blackjack trend and the game went from strength to strength, leaving Las Vegas and becoming ever more popular in the mainstream. The only concern you may have when playing Blackjack online is finding the right casino, but we’ve got you covered, click here.

The favourite amongst bankers, is a relatively easy card game to follow. All that is needed is a deck of cards and a dealer. Players don’t play against each other, but against the dealer. Two cards are dealt each time, the value of the cards is added up and the hand that sums to 21, or closest to the number without exceeding it, wins.

As far as card values go the Jack, Queen and King denote 10 points each, the Ace is a special card which can be worth either 1 or 11, whereas the rest of the cards are taken at face value respectively. The game begins with players placing their bets, before the dealer hands out their cards, face up. The dealers cards themselves would constitute of 1 face up card and one face down. Should the cards dealt exceed 21, it’s a ‘bust’ and the player losses. If on the other hand they do not, the player has one of two options, to ‘stay’ and keep the given cards, or ‘hit’ and be dealt another card. The ultimate objective is to beat the dealer, and that’s about it.

There are further variations of the game, as well as additional side rules for the more seasoned players, however in essence Blackjack is very much a game of chance.

Keeping track of the game however, as many of the card counting movies of our millennium has taught us, can make the game a rather fascinating one, and an exercise of skill and observation.

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