Online vs live poker tournaments


Whilst the rules of the game are the same for both online and live poker tournament formats, there are some major differences to be considered before trying a new format.


One of the main, and most immediately obvious, differences is the pace that the tournament is played at. Online players will be used to approximately 60 hands per hour, while live poker averages less than half that. Do not succumb to boredom…bide your time and those good hands will start to appear!


The very premise of online gambling (anonymity, instant deposits, not having to deal in physical cash) lends itself to players being ‘looser’. While you may find yourself being re-raised by bluffs regularly online – beware in a live tournament. Invariably the re-raiser has a very strong hand.


While there is the ability to “read” players online – by concentrating on timings and size of bets – live tournaments allow the option of “reading” a player via their physical tells. Of course, some are more obvious than others, but keep a close eye on any smirk, stutter or shake; these can give a clue as to what hand the player holds.

As we can see, there is no ‘better’ format – both have their advantages and disadvantages. Trying both is the only way to determine which suits you best – good luck!