Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments are simply where players will compete against each other for a cash prize. They can be as small as just two people, or as big as thousands of players with thousands of tables. These types of tournaments have been instrumental in increasing the popularity of poker around the world and poker popularity is still on the rise. There are a number of different types of tournaments available in poker and a few of these will be outlined below.

Poker tournaments are most commonly held with Texas Hold’em but in recent years the tournaments have branched out and now there are games such as HORSE, razz, stud, and Omaha all available to play at tournaments. Tournament stakes will also vary, so potential competitors should find a suitable tournament for their bankroll and skill level.

There are a few classic set-ups when it comes to poker tournaments. Usually a tournament is set around a blind, which then increases as the tournament progresses. The most common of which is called the Freezeout. This simply requires players to buy-in to the game and play until the chips have run out, or they win. Once all chips are gone players cannot buy back in, they are out.

Another option is the Rebuy. Similar to the Freezeout, the only difference is that during the lower levels, and for a short period of time, players have the option to buy back in once they have busted.

A guarantee is a tournament that contains a guaranteed prize pool and it doesn’t matter how many players turn up to the tournament. Turbo is also popular, and is a faster tournament. Usually they operate in three to ten minute games, which require a change in strategy for many players. There are also other poker options such as poker Freerolls, and more information about them can be found here.

There are plenty of poker tournaments around, so with a bit of searching the perfect game can be found for any avid player.

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